Tine Thing Helseth's "tenThing" Brass Ensemble

. . . is a virtuoso, Norwegian, trumpet soloist who frequently performs many recitals and concerts throughout Europe. She has made herself known internationally, and had an opportunity to perform at the 2014 International Trumpet Guild Conference, however she is based mainly in Europe. She studied at the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo, Norway, as well as the Norwegian Academy of Music. 

tenThing Brass

Assembling an ensmble with classmates from her past schools, tenThing, was formed. It is a 10-piece all-female Norwegian brass ensemble. There is not much information on how she came up with the name, but I assume that it probably came from all the mispronunciations and butchering of her name from us English-speaking people, Tine (pronounced like Tina) Thing (pronounced like Ting). The ensemble performs a variety of musical genres that include arrangements of composers' music such as Piazolla, Grieg, Bizet, Mozart, and original works written by Jan Koetsier.

Here's a video overview of the ensemble: