CAKE Brass Trio

So in a previous post, I mentioned that I am part of a graduate brass trio called the CAKE Trio. It is made up of myself on trumpet, Anna Marshall on horn, and Caleb Lambert on trombone. If you put our name in the correct order, part of our names contribute to the word CAKE (Caleb, Anna, KEnken).

On Sunday, April 9th, we performed a benefit concert for the ACLU which was one unique performance. For starters, we performed in an uncommon venue for a chamber brass ensemble, which was a coffee shop called High Ground Cafe. The owner, Wesley Ward, was gracious enough to allow us to play inside his establishment and set up a donation basket. Next, as the date came closer, more ideas began coming through between the three of us. I wanted to have my roommates who are both graduate students of the Visual Arts college, paint or draw pieces of art live while we performed music, and Caleb wanted someone to read poetry in between movements of pieces.

Well, when the time came, everything fell into place! One of my roommates was extremely ecstatic to be a part of this benefit concert and try something out of her comfort zone, while the other donated a piece of hers for the cause. We then had our next door neighbor who is a master's student in his final semester in the college of library sciences read poetry and narrate for one of our pieces. Anna brought her enormous speakers, and the performance went on without a hitch!

Within an hour, we raised $150 in art sales and donations that with 100% of it going to the ACLU of Iowa. The performance overall was excellent, and it was much needed since we've been rehearsing all semester (since late January) and I guess we were all itching for something to push us, and this performance definitely did that.

This experience has been a wonderful one, and I am fortunate to play with such stellar musicians and friends! The bonus to this concert was that almost my whole family was able to attend!