"Hurts Like Heaven" Cover with Brass!

There is a group from Paris called Elessar (which now appears to be a re-branded group, 'No Mountains'), and they were not well-known but several years ago, I stumbled upon their music and covers, and was amazed at what they were able to do with their creativity! Although covers are quite a common phenomenon today, I thought that this one was worth sharing.

The information that used to exist on their website and Facebook page have been deleted, possibly to the group unfortunately disbanding. With this being the case, I made note of the ensemble somewhere, and wrote that this group, particularly the brass musicians seen in the video are from the Paris Conservatory of Music. Similar to the band Lake Street Dive (that came from NEC), I am assuming the brass musicians wanted to have experience in a different genre other than “classical”, or at the very least were asked to participate in the recording of this cover of Coldplay’s song, “Hurts Like Heaven". I go back and forth on which version I like more; the original and more upbeat Coldplay version, or this fantastic cover. Here's Coldplay's version for comparison:

How cool would it be to have high-quality arrangements of music like this for brass that merge both the “classical” and pop genres? In my opinion, it would certainly draw larger audiences.

What amazed me was the way this arrangement was written. The vocals and piano part primarily remained unchanged, however the guitar and bass parts were given to the brass, and seamlessly shared throughout each instrument of horn, euphonium, and trombone. Enjoy the video!