Mnozil Brass

I don't know why it took me so long to write about this European ensemble, Mnozil Brass, but I think it may have been due to the fact that they're so popular and a household name in the brass world.

Mnozil Brass is an elite, 7-piece brass ensemble that began in 1992 in Vienna, Austria. The members took advantage of weekly performance opportunities at a restaurant, and found that they were well-liked by a large number of its restaurant audiences of all ages. They began playing folk tunes that were standard at the time and recognizable, however they quickly memorized them with no need for music after a while due to the high frequency in performances. Today, the group performs about 120 concerts a year internationally, and are one of the most entertaining, yet musically impressive brass ensembles in the world.

Below are two videos from them. One is a video of a brass trio, and the other is the full ensemble playing a Bossa Nova piece. It seems that they have found the proper mix of "classical", "pop", and jazz genres that are musically interesting and entertaining! If we as brass musicians would like to thrive in today's cultural environment, we must learn to quickly adapt and embrace the weirdness or the pop-centric music world but fusing it with our favorite musical styles!

I chose these videos because they may be the least known, and are just a blast to listen to!